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Security Services

Safeguard Investigation and Security Agency, Inc. (SISAI) was born in 1967. It was a very humble start to what would eventually be the most trusted and recognized name in the field of private security in the Philippines.

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Safeguard Armor Security Training Center, Inc.

Safeguard Armor Security Training Center, Inc. (SASTCI) traces its origin as the Safeguard Group’s Training Center. It first opened its doors in 1981 with the purpose of honing the company’s security force to the highest standards of the industry.

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The Beginning

Since 1967, SAFEGUARD INVESTIGATION AND SECURITY AGENCY, INC.(SISAI) has been earning the trust of its clients and the respect of the industry by providing unequalled security and allied services. From homes, high-rises, banks, malls, restaurants, schools, industrial and manufacturing plants, clients have entrusted their lives and livelihood to the SAFEGUARD name for more than four decades.

From its humble beginnings, SAFEGUARD has become a leader in the refined art of private security service. Generations of the PADILLA family have given their best to weave the company into a progressive, customer-driven enterprise. It has been adjudged the “MOST OUTSTANDING SECURITY AGENCY OF THE YEAR” many times by the prestigious Consumers Union of the Philippines, and has further been recognized by the National Product Quality Excellence Awards, Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards, Philippine Quality Awards for Business Excellence and the National Quality Awards for Consumer Excellence. These are a confirmation of the company’s relentless pursuit to provide the best quality of service to its clientele.


First Security Agency To Install Its Own Franchised VHF Frequency And Radio Networks

In 1970, SAFEGUARD became the first security agency to install its own franchised VHF frequency and radio networks, instantly connecting all its staff officers and mobile units to a central base. Moreover, its office is manned by a Staff Duty officer 24 hours a day, everyday, to ensure that all field requirements and/or inquiries are attended to at the soonest possible time.


Establishment of Armor Service Division

In 1975, the company established its Armor Services Division which in 1992 became an independent entity, SAFEGUARD ARMOR AND SECURITY CORP. (SASCOR), due to its significant growth. SASCOR became a pioneer in designing and manufacturing its own state-of-the-art armored vehicles for better quality control in 1987, and has been providing top-quality armored services synonymous with the SAFEGUARD name. Today, the Armor Division is one of the largest of its kind in the industry, and offers its services nationwide. It boasts of a reputation for honest and highly trained armor crew, who have never been involved in any theft of client’s cargo. In 2008, SASCOR set another Philippine milestone by offering its proven and reliable design of armored trucks for the export market.


Opened One Of The First Firearm Repair Facility In The Country

By 1980, SAFEGUARD opened one of the first Firearm Repair Facility in the country to undertake the repair and maintenance of its weapons. Quality workmanship in repairs and renovations now serves even the requirements of other agencies.


Establishment of Safeguard Training Center

In 1981, SAFEGUARD TRAINING CENTER was established. The Center was to hone the Company’s security force in the high standards for which it is known. It also provides the most rigid training in the latest techniques and procedures in security protection, and was adjudged by the Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Division (SAGSD) of the Philippine National Police as one of the best training schools in the country today. The subsidiary was spun off as in 2006 as the Safeguard Armor Security Training Center, Inc.


Introduced Regular Customer Feedback Survey

In 2002, the Company was the first to introduce a regular customer-feedback survey. This annual exercise was to determine satisfaction ratings and concerns direct from the client. The information gathered from these annual surveys served as a vital tool in Safeguard’s continuous improvement program.


World’s First Cellular-Based Security Program

In 2003, the company introduced the world’s first cellular-based security program. The system was designed to warn of impending crimes via text message to a constantly monitored central computer. Many commercial establishments now enjoy the benefits of its installation.


First Private Security Agency in the Philippines to Import and Operate its Own Polygraph Machine

Safeguard became the first private security agency in the Philippines to import and successfully operate its own polygraph machine in 2004.


Safeguard Established Its Own K-9 Training Facility

Safeguard established its own K-9 training facility in the province of Laguna, just South of Manila in 2005. With the help of US trained instructors, the K-9 Academy has been producing authentic Belgian Malinois and Labrador graduates, which can reliably sniff at least nine types of explosives, and be deployed anywhere at a given notice.


Safeguard Group Offered Its Full-Range of Services Nationwide.

Also in 2005, the Safeguard Group offered its full-range of services nationwide. It established an office in Metro Cebu and started commercial operations in Metro Davao three years later.


Safeguard Set-Up the Customer Satisfaction Department

In 2010, Safeguard set-up the Customer Satisfaction Department. A first of its kind in the industry to strictly monitor and enhance the Group’s customer satisfaction ratings with clients. Members of this Department were sent to the field regularly to constantly keep in touch with all clients, and to be pro-active in meeting the satisfaction of their needs.


Safeguard launched the country’s first and only Security App for both the Apple IOS and Android

Safeguard launched the country’s first and only Security App for both the Apple IOS and Android in 2013 marking a far leap in technology versus competitors. The goal of the new Safeguard App was to replicate and privatize the 911 Emergency Hotline Service available throughout the USA.